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Water Treatment Facts

  • Water filters for your tap water also called a point of use device, not only costs only a few pennies to the gallon versus bottled water from the store, but filtered water also has fewer contaminants in it.

  • Chlorine is often used to disinfect tap water but not filtered back out before it reaches your sink. 

  • Just because your water may be considered legally safe doesn't mean it shouldn't be treated. The EPA is currently investigating 10,000 contaminants that are in untreated water.

  • The EPA recommends getting your water tested before buying a system and if your water is from a well, they recommend getting it tested yearly regardless.

  • A point of use device treats only the water that is consumed so, shower water can still have contaminants in it that can cause problems when inhaled. A point of entry device, a filter that treats all the water in the house, reduces the amount of those as well as scaling, staining, and odor. 

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