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  • The mPULSE 3000® is the best Total-Home Water Solution on the market. What makes it different is the proprietary solution built for Earth Wise Technologies developed off of Pulsetronic Technology. Our System has been refined from a European water treatment process that has been successfully treating water for over 35 years. The refinements to this process have been engineered to give you the cleanest and best tasting water in the industry. We require no salt or potassium chloride to turn your hard water into conditioned water, therefore we are also saving our environment from brine discharge and lowering your maintenance cost from other systems. We are the innovative leaders in residential total home water treatment systems. Our expertise and products for improving the quality of your water are not duplicated by anyone else. Pulsetronic technology is unique and with it, you will be the envy of all your neighbors.

    With mPULSE 3000® Systems, you get:

    • Exclusive, proprietary, proven technology with a full 10 warranty.

    • A maintenance free alkaline safe clean drinking water.

    • Products specifically designed to remove contaminates from municipal, rural, or well water and filter to safe drinking levels.

    • A product line-up that improves the water quality for bathing, laundry, and appliances over traditional water softeners.

    • Professional installation and exceptional customer service.

    • Optional highly-efficient electronic digital demand and volumetric valve controllers minimize utility consumption.

    • Convenient and easy to operate controls with simple monitoring.

    • Three media filtration to remove unwanted odors, control proper chemical levels and maintain high flow rates to all faucets.

    • No brine collection in hot water tanks or discharge that negatively impacts the environment.

    • Longer life for your hot water tank, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

    • Reduces use of detergents, soaps and cleaning products. Your skin and hair will be softer, your laundry will be whiter and glass will have fewer unsightly water spots.

    The system is a black tank with the electrical component to see the settings on the top. There is a sticker wrapped around the top of the tank that has the Earthwise logo, the name of the system, our website and phone number. It shows the system set up in someone's garage.
    This is a side view of the picture above to show what is behind the tank.
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