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Earth Wise Technologies, LLC, is a forward thinking organization devoted to fostering a more sustainable world. Our innovative and emerging technologies are poised to make substantial advancements in both water and air purification


Currently, our pioneering technologies are making significant strides in the field of water treatment. Through the implementation of these novel methods, we've managed to diminish water and salt usage in water softeners by an impressive 66%. Furthermore, we've successfully introduced non-salt technologies that completely forgo salt usage during the water purification process.


These revolutionary systems leverage media-induced crystallization to treat the minerals commonly found in hard water.

To demonstrate the efficiency of our systems, we have prepared a 20-minute time-lapse video. As you will observe, our technology efficiently removes 99.9% of all impurities from the water.


This was achieved with a well water sample contaminated with minerals, nitrates, and bacteria. Our carefully designed this system to address and eliminate these three types of contaminants, providing this customer the purest water possible for their home. 

Water droplet with the earth inside it


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